Persiana Production Group

Persian Channels

The Persiana Cultural Association and the Persiana Media Group started their activities in 2015 in Paris by the founder and CEO of the collection, Majid Yousefy The activities of this media group include 5 sections, each of which is as follows:

- Persiana TV Group

In this section, there are four TV groups.

1. Persiana TV Group includes 15 Persian channels.

2. Four TV groups - including 3 TV channels in Kurdish and Turkish

3. Persian Sports TV Group - includes 3 sports TV channels in Persian language.

4. Poker TV group - includes Persian poker and Arabic poker channels.

- Persian Radio

Radio Persiana performs its activities for Persian speakers in two parts: Radio Persiana One and Two.

- Persiana Event

Persiana Event, in the form of holding various festivals in different countries of the world, can refer to the first European Persian Language Art Festival in France, the second German Persian Language Art Festival, and then the festival program. Stand-up comedy will be a video game festival and a Persiana short film festival.

- Persian Magazines

Persiana Magazine Group, which is published monthly, has been operating under the title of Persiana Monthly and Persiana Humor Monthly since 2016.

- Persiana Production

This section includes providing program development services and technical services to other satellite channels.

Persiana Media Group operates in France, Dubai, Azerbaijan and Turkey.

Satellite: Turkmenalem (yahsat)
Freq: 10804
Pol: Horizontal
S/R: 27500
Fec: 2/3

Satellite: Turkmenalem (yahsat)
Freq: 10762
Pol: Vertical
S/R: 27500
Fec: 1/2

Satellite: Azerspace 46E
Freq: 10998
Pol: Horizontal
S/R: 27500
Fec: 2/3

Satellite: Etelsat 7B-7C
Freq: 11304
Pol: Horizontal
S/R: 29700
Fec: 3/4