Persiana Media Group
Persiana is a Persian Media group station based in Paris and Dubai , Istanbul . This company was launched in 2016 with the broadcast of TV programs in Persian.

Persiana TV channels operate with 18 active TV channels based on the Monacoast (Turkmen Alam) satellite, and as the only television group active in the Persian market, it has full coverage from African, Asian and European countries.

* Persiana Family
* Persiana Cinema
* Persiana Junior
* Persiana Iranian
* Persiana comedy
* Persiana Classic
* Persiana Documentary
* Persiana Music
* Persiana Billboard
* Persiana Nostalgia
* Persiana Game & Tech
* Persiana Economy
* Persiana Plus
* Varzesh TV1
* Varzesh TV2
* Varzesh TV3
* Persiana Radio one
* Persiana Radio Two